Camero is pleased to announce the change of ownership and full acquisition of the company’s shares by SK Group. Camero continues to operate in its markets and under its original name while benefitting from the group’s worldwide positioning and capabilities.

Since it was founded in 2004 by Amir Beeri, the CEO of the company and Aharon Aharon, former Chairman of the board, Camero has benefitted from the strong support and financial investments from a number of Venture Capital and private investors including Alta Berkley, Greylock Partners, Jerusalem Global Ventures, Motorola Ventures, Walden Israel and others. The dedication and Support of these investors have guided Camero through its initial development and growth stages to become a leading market player.

Camero continues to be a global leader in the market with its Xaver™ through wall imaging product line. It has established year to year growth in sales with 2011being its strongest year to date with a record number of orders received from new and repeating customers including military forces, Para-military customers and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

SK Group is a leading global Defense and Security group of companies operating worldwide. SK Group includes Meprolight (1990) ltd. (Electro-optics manufacturer), Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) (small arms manufacturer), Israel Shipyards (Ship manufacturing and repair), Pulse Inteco Systems Ltd. (Lasers and Night Vision systems), Uniscope (Optical periscopes) and more