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Building on its successful legacy of through-wall RF imaging products, Camero has developed an innovative presence of life detector – the Xaver™ 100. The Xaver™ 100 stems from the core radar- based imaging technology used in our Xaver™ line of through wall imaging products. Developed with the specific needs of tactical operators in mind, the Xaver™ 100 provides instant critical situational awareness and target acquisition data.

By providing accurate and reliable information on the occupancy of enclosed spaces, the Xaver™ 100 enables better tactical decision making in many operational scenarios. Its potential uses include:

  • Tactical Entry/Assault – alert operators to the presence of potential threats
  • Hostage Recovery – quickly determine which spaces are occupied
  • Search & Rescue – speed up search by only focusing on spaces with living presence
  • Breaching– avoid unwanted casualties by optimal placement of charges
  • Force Protection – serve as “virtual window” to spot threats approaching from outside


With its compact form- factor the Xaver™ 100 is designed to be a personnel-borne tool to provide immediate and crucial situational awareness information.

  • Optimized design and form factor for comfortable handheld
  • Reliable detection of moving and static people behind most common wall materials
  • 1d imaging information providing intuitive information of target distance
  • Ability to operate in a stand-off mode (at a distance from the wall)
  • Simple user interface and operation requiring no advanced training


The Xaver™ 100 utilizes the same state-of-the-art technology found in the other Xaver™ systems. A unique, micropower Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor that operates at very high bandwidth enables reliable detection and industry leading object resolution. Patented image reconstruction algorithms are used to cope with cluttered environments resulting in a high quality and intuitive image. Simple operation and compact packaging are key features of the design.

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