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The Xaver™ 1000 is an essential system for Military, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue teams and Intelligence units, operating in various situations including hostile urban and disaster environments.
The system creates an unprecedented situational awareness 3D visual picture, providing a clear operational advantage and the ability to “step into the known”.

The Xaver™ 1000 is the successor of Camero’s Xaver™ 800, the world’s first full 3D imaging system.

  • The Xaver™1000 is the new generation of the Camero Xaver™ product line equipped with an AI-based tracking of live target patterns
  • The Xaver™1000 is a real-time 3D ‘Sense-Through The Wall’ imaging device that enables the detection of live objects (static or dynamic) behind walls and building obstacles
  • The Xaver™1000 provides an unprecedented resolution of body parts and position: sitting, standing, lying down, and the height of the live objects
  • The Xaver™1000 has the ability to distinguish whether the object is an adult, a child or an animal
  • The Xaver™1000 is optimized for tactical and ISR operations by gathering mission-critical accurate real-time information about living objects from behind solid walls and barriers including:
    – Presence of life in the room
    – Number of people and their distance from the system
    – Can be operated near-wall or in stand-off mode
    – Target height and orientation
    – Room general layout, including dimensions and major infrastructure elements


  • 3D visual display of live and static objects
  • Integrated 10.1’’ Touch-screen display
  • Foldable antenna wings for compact storage and transport
  • System can penetrate through most common walls and materials
  • Remote display and control capabilities via Wi-Fi link
  • Simultaneous detection of moving and non-moving objects
  • Simple user interface for intuitive interpretation
  • Integrated data recording and playback for post-mission analysis, training and debriefing
  • Proprietary and Unique algorithms and signal processing
  • Ready to use by a single user at the push of a button


The Xaver™ 1000 is completely radiation safe. It is designed to provide superior performance while meeting the requirements of ICNIRP-1998 radiation exposure restriction

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