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The Xaver™ LR40 (XLR40) detects live objects through walls 50 meters and beyond. The system, optimized for urban and rural operations gathers accurate —mission critical — real-time intel of live objects hidden behind walls, while set-up at a safe distance.

The XLR40 brings:

  • Detects the presence and number of live objects behind walls.
  • Accurately detects the range of objects from the system.
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to use and intuitive controls.


  • 50 meters plus detection range in stand-off position
  • Accurate detection of live objects behind most common wall materials
  • Simultaneous detection of moving or nonmoving live objects
  • Controlled by 10-inch touch pad with simple user interface for intuitive operation
  • Integrated data recording with playback for post-mission debriefing, post analysis and training
  • Proprietary patented algorithms and signal processing
  • Lightweight portability increases mobility and capabilities of a single operator
  • Equipped with a dedicated sight to accurately direct the beam to the target
  • Activates with the simple push of a button


The XaverTM Long Range 40 utilizes state-of-the-art
system architecture, encompassing multiple proprietary cutting-edge technologies. Incorporates unique, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor that operates at an extremely wide bandwidth. Patented algorithms are used to provide the user with a real time information.


The XaverTM Long Range 40 is totally and completely radiation safe. It is designed to provide superior performance while operating within the following international requirements and guidelines for Human Exposure:
ICNIRP-2008 radiation exposure restriction FCC
OET-65 Edition 97-01
IEEE C95.1-2005

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