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  • Camero takes pride in providing a unique three dimensional solution with an Ultra Wide Band patented transmitters and cost effective low power receivers. Both operating between 2 and 10GHz. This impressive bandwidth allows Camero to reach unparalleled levels of range and cross range imaging resolution.
  • One of its kind patented high gain UWB antenna with ultra low group delay variation over more than 8GHz bandwidth.
  • Providing 3D volumetric data requires a combination of several time-domain channels spatially located on a given aperture. This combination relies on the proper alignment of all channels with respect to pulse transmission timing. Camero’s patented autonomous self calibrating capability facilitates an extremely high level of accurate alignment.
  • Camero’s unique signal processing capability allows for differentiating between static and dynamic objects. The systems are sensitive enough to capture even the slightest vital life human activity behind various wall types.
  • The highly advanced and innovative image reconstruction is able to considerably improve overall image resolution and better suppress clutter while accurately acquiring targets. This computationally demanding effort is efficiently implemented on a small scale embedded computing platform, to provide high frame-rate, low latency, real-time 3D imaging with relatively low power consumption
  • A state of the art image processing method includes Bayesian filtering based tracking solution that reduces clutter and provides continuous target identification. Intuitive real-time image rendering allows for visualization of 3D volume in real-time with an intuitive graphical user interface.