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First responders and search and rescue teams often arrive at the scene of great destruction and work against the clock to identify and rescue survivors, be it extracting people from burning rooms or digging earthquake victims from collapsed buildings, all the while having to protecting their own lives

Camero offers a comprehensive solution for Through-Wall Imaging. Camero’s Xaver™ systems enable you to know in real-time whether there are people present, how many are present and where they are situated. In addition, the system offers a first of its kind capability to map the general shape of the room or structure, behind the wall or under collapsed ceilings, with high sensitivity for simultaneous detection of non-moving live objects.

The Xaver™ systems allows effective preparation prior to an operation thereby increasing the chances of success, reducing the risk to the responders and increasing the chance of effective rescue. An essential device for first responders, the Xaver™ solutions enable situational awareness for a life-saving missions.

Camero-Tech’s systems were successfully operated in the September 2017 earthquake in Mexico and the February 2023 earthquake in Turkey. In both disastrous events, our Xaver ™ systems managed to locate the trapped survivors and guide the rescuers to their exact location.