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The Xaver™ life saving through-wall-imaging systems have become the solution of choice for top military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world and have been successfully operationally deployed. They are designed to provide an optimal solution for a variety of different military, law enforcement and search and rescue applications.

The Xaver™ systems have been designed in close cooperation with the user community to provide a reliable and tactical situational awareness solution for urban environments. The innovative technology developed by Camero provides operators with an unprecedented operational advantage.


The Xaver™ 100 is an ultra-portable, handheld and durable presence of life detector.
The Xaver™ 100 provides military, law enforcement and Search & Rescue personnel critical information in real-time about the presence of life and its distance behind a wall, enabling better tactical decision making in various operational scenarios. Read more

Compact, Tactical Through the Wall Imaging System

The Xaver™ 400 is a Compact, Tactical through the Wall Imaging System, optimized for quick tactical decision making in urban operations.
It provides real-time mission-critical information on live and static objects hidden behind walls and barriers. Read more

The Xaver™ 800 is a high performance full 3D imaging solution for ISR applications, optimized for gathering mission-critical, accurate real-time information on live and static objects from behind solid walls or barriers including. Read more

The Xaver™ 1000 is an essential system for Military, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue teams and Intelligence units, operating in various situations including hostile urban and disaster environments. The system creates an unprecedented situational awareness 3D visual picture, providing a clear operational advantage and the ability to “step into the known”. Read more

The Xaver™ LR40 (XLR40) detects live objects through walls 50 meters and beyond. The system, optimized for urban and rural operations gathers accurate —mission critical — real-time intel of live objects hidden behind walls, while set-up at a safe distance. Read more

The Xaver™ LR80 (XLR80) enables to detect live objects through the wall at more than 100m away. The system is optimized for urban and rural operations, by gathering mission critical, accurate real-time information of live objects hidden beyond walls, while staying far away in a safe position. Read more

The XaverNet™ system is a remote wireless ToughPad that works in combination with Xaver™ 100 and Xaver™ 400 systems. It enables the user to receive real time visual data and fully control remotely up to four Xaver systems simultaneously. Read more