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Law Enforcement officers and Federal agents place their lives at risk on a daily basis in the pursuit of criminals in urban environments. Examples might include a broad range of tactical entry type operations including apprehension of suspects barricaded inside an apartment; serving a high-risk warrant; surveillance; or rescuing a hostage taken captive.

Camero offers a comprehensive solution for Through-Wall Imaging. Camero’s Xaver™ systems enable you to know in real-time whether there are people present, how many are present and where they are situated. In addition, the system offers a first of its kind capability to map the general shape of the room infrastructure behind the wall with high sensitivity for simultaneous detection of non moving live objects.

The Xaver™ systems allows effective preparation prior to an operation thereby increasing the chances of success, reducing risk to the law enforcement members in the mission and reducing the risk to life of those on the other side of the wall. An essential tool for urban Law Enforcement operations, the Xaver™ solutions enable situational awareness for a life-saving operational advantage.