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Camero is the leading provider of three dimensional (3D) Ultra Wide Band (UWB) imaging technologies with products and development efforts in through-wall-imaging systems as well as passenger screening devices. Camero’s core technology is based on micro-power pulse radar technology with innovative state of the art image and signal processing algorithms and high end firmware design.

Camero’s highly interdisciplinary engineering team includes Radio Frequency (RF) antenna design, signal and image processing, board and logic design, industrial design, and high level system integration experts. Camero’s diverse line of products includes several systems derived from the company’s core technology such as the Xaver™ systems including a unique full 3D through wall imaging device and the innovative real-time Walk through body screening system.

Camero is mainly active in the defense and Homeland Security (HLS) markets, with efforts spanning across Military, law enforcement and Search and Rescue agencies. Nevertheless, the company’s technology is adapted to a variety of emerging and evolving applications