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The XaverNet™ system is a remote wireless ToughPad that works in combination with Xaver™ 100 and Xaver™ 400 systems. It enables the user to receive real time visual data and fully control remotely up to four Xaver systems simultaneously. The XaverNet™ system consist of Panasonic ToughPad, USB dongle that supports the wireless link and proprietary S/W.  This S/W application can also work on other Windows’ based platforms.  When using the XaverNet™ the user can remotely control the Xaver systems from a distance of up to 200m LOS, and toggle between the systems without being exposed to the target zone, making the operation safer for the operating team.


Ruggedized wireless Command and Control Platform based on a commercial Panasonic FZ-M1 model, running windows XaverNet™ application can run on various Windows’ based platforms Supports both the Xaver™ 400 and the Xaver™ 100 Recording capability  Wireless communication based on Zigbee protocol Optional tactical case.


  • Real time front to back information streaming to a control panel
  • Simple to use with a true user friendly interface
  • Remote operation out of the ‘Red Zone’ for covert and safe activity of the users
  • Covering big areas by using network of systems from multiple angles simultaneously resulting better decision making by the operating team
  • Enables to operate in dead zones by mounting the Xaver systems on Unmanned Vehicles
  • Monitoring unreachable areas – Can monitor high floors using an extension while transmitting and controlling by the XaverNet™ platform


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