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Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) places new demands on the successful completion of military objectives. Whether apprehending suspects, undertaking building clearance, rescuing hostages or identifying potential ambushes, the military operatives must enter potentially hostile situations without the knowledge of what is ‘beyond the wall’.

Camero offers a comprehensive man-portable solution for ‘Through-Wall Vision’. Camero’s Xaver™ systems enable you to gather crucial real-time tactical information – know whether there are people present, how many are present and where they are situated. In addition, the system offers a first of its kind capability to map the general layout of the room behind the wall and the needed sensitivity to detect non-moving live targets.

These unique capabilities greatly improve the planning and execution of your operation. Thus the Xaver™ offers unique intelligence to reduce the risk to the lives of your operatives and to support the successful achievement of mission objectives, enabling you to ‘Step into the known’.